Veronica Johansson

I founded Eudaemon in 2017 with the mission to transform lives and organizations through philosophy, coaching and research-based interventions.

The scope of philosophical coaching ranges from improving critical thinking skills, gaining insights on ethical dilemmas or existential queries, to more traditional goal-oriented coaching, i.e. helping you verbalize your core beliefs and aspirations, and then making the necessary changes to lead your life accordingly.

I have a doctorate in Ethics and a master in Religious studies (with an emphasis on daoism, philosophy of religions and  psychology of religions). When coaching, I primarily use Maieutics, i.e. the “Socratic method”, where my role is to ask questions not provide the answers – those are for you to discover, verbalize, and act on.

For companies and executives, Eudaemon offers workshops and lectures on professional ethics, authentic leadership, ethical organizations and dilemma training.

As a passionate educator, I also work as a university lecturer in nano ethics and neuro ethics; lead educational tours in the Nordic region; and chair an educational board responsible for developing, organizing and evaluating national courses in philosophical practice. In addition, I serve on the Ethical review board at the Mid Sweden University; volunteer at Mind’s suicide hotline; and serve on the board of the Swedish Society for Philosophical Practice.

I look forward to hearing from you and to find out how I can help!

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