Alex Gooch

Whatever question you bring, we’ll approach it as a philosophical question. We’ll work together to refine your question until it’s as clear and precise as it can be, and then we’ll apply critical reasoning to evaluate the various possible answers that present themselves. Depending on the topic of the question, we might also discuss what some of the great philosophical writers and traditions have said about the matter at hand. My main areas of philosophical interest and expertise are:

  • Buddhism

  • classical East Asian philosophy, especially Taoism and Zen

  • ancient Mediterranean thought (Plato and Aristotle, the Stoics and the Sceptics)

  • philosophically-minded theologians such as Paul Tillich and Don Cupitt

  • philosophical psychology, including William James and the later works of Freud

  • political philosophers like Michael Oakeshott and Alastair MacIntyre

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