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As an APPA Certified Philosophical Counselor, I wish to register as a “provider” in order to participate in APPA’s online “Chat with a Philosopher” service. I therefore acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:

I am a member in good standing of APPA; that is, am current in my membership dues.

If a US resident, I hereby provide proof of HPSO or equivalent professional educational liability insurance (current policy attached).

I have read and concur with the following Informed Consent Form that will be signed by all clients prior to entering an online chat:

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I agree to adhere to APPA’s recommended scope of philosophical practice.

I agree to be bound by APPA’s Code of Ethics.

I hereby acknowledge that APPA is not responsible for the contents of any transmission made through the chat system.  I agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify the APPA and its affiliates from any and all claims that result from the information or content that I provide through the chat to any client user.

I agree to the cancellation policy for dropped connections, as stipulated in the clients’ Informed Consent Form.

I understand that there is no minimum or maximum number of hours during which I may choose to offer online services as a provider.

I understand that I am free to set my own rates (in US dollars) for 30-minute or 60-minute chats, and free to change these rates as often as I wish. NB: I understand that I may set my rate for 30 minutes to zero dollars, for pro bono purposes, But if I charge for my services than I must set a minimum rate of $5 (and may charge as much as I wish) for both 30-minute and 60-minute sessions,

I understand that if I need to end a prepaid chat session prior to the allotted time, owing to any urgency, then I may activate the <End chat session> button. If I do so, I will arrange to make up the lost time with the client at no extra charge.

I understand that my chat hours will be logged by APPA’s system, and that I will be reimbursed monthly for accumulated hours, via Paypal, on the following basis:

If  my Paypal account is linked to a US bank, then I agree to be charged a 6% commission on my gross chat revenues, to cover the costs of e-commerce fees and administration of my account.

If my Paypal account is linked to a foreign bank, then I agree to be charged a 10% commission on my gross chat revenues, to cover the costs of e-commerce fees and administration of my account.

I understand that e-commerce and account administration fees are subject to modification, just in case these service providers raise their rates.

NB: I understand that if I make myself available online but am not present when a client hires me (e.g. I forgot that I was available online and went out to walk my dog), then APPA will refund the client and I will be responsible for the cost of refunding the client’s payment. That cost will entail the amount prepaid by the client, as well as any applicable  e-commerce fees incurred by issuing the refund.